OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile natural meats think tattoos have already been latched onto today by the celebrity plus the past only worn by sailors or bikers, selecting amazed to locate out that tattoos are already a part of life since way back when and centuries and it was performed world-wide once of Christ. The initial known celebrity, if you’ll, would’ve been King Harold II of England that’s the first known royalty to carry a tattoo. It was a tattoo on his chest that identified him since the king to William the Conqueror as he lay dying on the battlefield in 1066. It read, “Edith and England” which has been a mention of his mistress and later wife and is also reported to be certainly one of a few tattoos upon the king’s body. And he was saying Veni Vidi┬áVici!

Tattoos as a fashion seemed to fade with King Harold II’s death but re-become popular as the exploration of the earth progressed within the 1600’s.