Game to play while smoking

The Dog Name Game
This is much more of a competitive sport for your stoner who needs to be the top at everything they actually do. The rules of the animal name game are simple, and finest tinkered with a joint. Begin by saying a creature, then having a huge toke and hold, pass the weed to the person on your own right. This individual must name a whole new animal that begins with the past letter of the pet you named. Once they do, you are able to exhale your smoke. If you need a new bong or pipe be free to visit this website.


When they repeat a dog or cannot consider one, they are out plus it gets passed to another location person. If it’s your turn again, exhale, name a new animal.

The thing to consider about these 3 smoking games is that this, to make sure fun and games until a stoner passes out. Actually, that’s when the true fun begins. Enjoy!