Honeycomb Features

The Initial Honeycomb Design
The most distinct feature from the honeycomb percolator bong is the little perforated platforms within the glass chamber. Each disc looks like the honeycomb bees make, however function is the thing that makes this smoking experience quite unique.

Greater holes in the disc, the greater tiny bubbles divide inside the smoke that begins to give. Despite the fact the discs have different level of holes, different honeycomb percolators have different layers of honeycombs, sometimes stacked three high. To put it simply, the greater holes in the chamber, the better the diffusion will be.

Best Smoking Experience
The reason that smokers prefer the honeycomb percolator happens because all of the additional tiny bubbles give you a greater buildup with a lesser drag. Each level with the bong can have up to 100 skin pores, that compatible a very clean hit that provide single-of-a-king drawing experience. These little diffusers rest over the water level, lying parallel to the waters edge.

If you take a use the bong, air is easily drawn up to that particular piece, creating bubbles in the water which can be then made to contact the honeycomb. When passing with the honeycomb layer, the bubbles are reduced in proportions only increase the interaction between water and smoke. This supplies minimal possible drag with largest diffusion.