Kinds of Tattoos

The Various Kinds of Tats

Below is an outline of a number of the very most typical designs of tats.

— The conventional style
This really is an all-company design which was created in the thirties and forties to adapt tattoo artists using a small colour palette. This design is popular among active tattoo artists like those ones near military bases and facilities that are similar. These design features tats that have bold and powerful lines as well as colours.

— Black and gray fashions
As the name implies, these tattoos are created just using gray and black tones. This fashion was not unusual in American penitentiaries because of the difficulty in getting coloured ink. Several tattoo artists refined it to be made commercial outside the American penitentiary system and embraced this style. With classic power supply.

— Fine line design
This design comes with a string of fine and exceptionally detailed outlines. The fine nature of this design makes it the reservation of tattoo artists who refrain from adding an excessive amount of detail to the outline and are able to correctly use negative space.

— Tribal designs
All these are often black, daring, shape layouts which are broadly based on historical tattoo designs. These tats give a look that is powerful and lovely when made by a proficient artist.

— Naturalistic designs
All these are tats of photographic quality. They can be generally pictures or portraits of nature.

— Custom layouts
All these are layouts which are developed by the artist only for you.


— Asian layouts
This design typically comprises swirling patterns and eastern mythological figures into the layouts.