Styles Of Bongs

The next consideration is the material the bong is going to be created from. They may be made from acrylic, glass, or ceramic. People who buy acrylic bongs are usually very first time buyers.

That is certainly since these bongs have for less money tag than their counterparts but they are still effective when you use them. The glass bongs are typically the most popular form to purchase. If you are interested in mini bongs, you can check them out here.

Glass bongs are incredibly an easy task to mold and they also hold heat perfectly. It also leaves the flavour of the marijuana along without changing it.

The last materials are ceramic. These types of bongs are typically very elaborate in design. They fall involving the acrylic and glass with regards to the cost range.

When it comes to the percolator bongs, there are many different varieties of water percolators that will be found.

The standard form may be the straight or diffused downstem. This type has slits at the bottom which enable the smoke to feed the water.


How much weed should you put for one hit from the bong? Common question and the answer can be found here. The tree percolator has between 4 and 64 “arms”. These “arms” accommodate diffusion along with the more “arms” you’ll find, the harder diffusion there is. The dome percolator has slits or holes which permit diffusion and it is extremely effective.