Unique Contruction Bong

Unique Trap Construction
The small honeycomb platforms, or traps, are simply in position to aid filter the smoke that goes through. The greater number of these percolators, better drag and filtration, while assisting to reduce resin passing through. If you are looking for a girly bong, that will be great suprise and gift to your girl / friend.

Greater artistically shaped the honeycomb percolator bong, the more visually appealing here is your chance experience. Stacked one on top of another in the bong upper chamber, the larger the water and smoke have to give these honeycombs, the better the overall smoking experience.

Unique Power to Cool the Hit
One of the very most beneficial purposes of the honeycomb percolator bong may be the power to stack ice-cubes over the honeycombs to cool the hit. With the ice purchasing the woking platform, as smoke goes through small holes, it can be instantly cooled to feel so that it eliminates any chance people burning your throat after a long hit.

Quickly one of many hottest bogs currently available, the honeycomb percolator can be an affordable alternative for the stone who wishes to obtain the cleanest possible hit.

The combined functionality and various design of the honeycomb percolator bong will transform the method that you smoke. Each hit is robust and clean, and you also get the benefits of watching your own little show each time you drag.
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