Useful features of the bongs

An alternative could be the matrix. They have a lot of small holes in the tall puck like a percolator. The stereo matrix is extremely similar but has a couple of the matrix percolators stacked on top of each other.

The following percolator is just as interesting to determine. Stage system a Swiss percolator and resembles Swiss cheese. If you will ever and I hope never need to pass a drug test than click here.


Beyond these hugely decorative percolators, there are many more that are more standard in design while still being hugely effective. The first of these is the reti percolator.

This place has two cylinders, such as inside the other. They’ve opposite diagonal cuts from each other allowing the smoke to pass through. Additionally there is the cyclone or turbine percolator.

The way in which this can be angled forces water to spin in the cyclone or turbine fashion. It is very effective and appears amazing.


The past two styles may also be simple but work perfectly. The 1st could well be known as the circ percolator. That one flares out and it has a few semi-rings which forces the smoke being diffused between them.

The past style of a percolator is known as helix percolator. Even if this list is fairly comprehensive, the glass blowing market is constantly fitting in with create new varieties of percolators as much as they are able which can be found here.